Being a travel nurse brings you a huge opportunity to visit new places during your working trip. When it comes to travel nurse assignments, there are three types of locations: those that are practically universal and always in high demand, those that are just in high present demand, and those that only the most savvy travelers will discover. In this article, we gave you some best travel nurse destinations recommendations to explore!


travel nurse destinations san diego
What are the travel nurse destinations?


1. What make places become travel nurse destinations? 

Travel nurse employment and locations are available around the country, however the assignments available will be determined by current staffing needs. Once you’ve determined what’s currently accessible, you can start investigating each city to see whether it’s a suitable fit for your interests and aspirations. The search becomes a little simpler if you know what you’re searching for in an ideal destination.


Generally, you should consider 5 things in the list to decide the suitable destinations:

  • Licensing requirements: Each state’s Board of Nursing has different requirements and guidelines for travel nursing. Thus, make sure you are allowed to work and travel freely on the next move.
  • Pay rate: Of course this is the top concern for travel nurses when deciding which place you will go. Comparing among those rate and then choose the best one
  • Attractions: If you are interest in traveling, attractions can not be out of the list when consider the next destination
  • Living standard: If your budget is low, you should ensure that the quality of living is affordable
  • Transportation: Travel frequently demands you to use the public vehicle a lot. Find the destinations that allow you to move easily with train, bus or even bike, etc


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2. Top 3 travel nurse destinations in Western of US


2.1. San Diego, California 

Famous for its beach lifestyle, many people dream about surfing and hip bars.  On the top of the travel nurse destinations, let’s see what you can explore when living there:

  • San Diego Zoo
  • Balboa Park
  • Little Italy Marcato Farmer’s Market 


More than that, there are over 30 hospitals in the city, great opportunities for you to seek nursing contracts available. Travel nurses in California earn an average of $1,538 per week, which is more than the national average. Another advantage of taking on a nursing contract in San Diego? Facilities in California are required by law to maintain proper nurse-to-patient ratios.


Instead of feeling exhausted and overworked while offering subpar care to your patients, California’s law assists nurses in ensuring they are providing enough care.


2.2. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is another place with low patient ratios and above-average salary. In the region, travel nurses earn an average of $1,549 a week. However, income isn’t the only factor attracting travel nurses to the region. Although Washington is not a member of the NLC, it has its own set of advantages. There are over 15 hospitals in Seattle, so you’re sure to discover a contract that suits your requirements.


Pike’s Place Market is a foodie’s heaven, so it may be the cuisine. Or it might be the limitless outdoor excursions. Our travel nurses frequently visit places like Lake Washington, Mount Rainier, and Alki Beach.


Excellent salary, excellent meals, and breathtaking views. A good option in the travel nurse destinations right?


2.3. Denver, Colorado

Travel nurses on assignment in Denver can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Several sporting events (Check out the Broncos, Nuggets, or the Rockies.)
  • The Red Rocks Amphitheater (one of the world’s most famous concert venues.)
  • Denver Botanic Gardens; and RiNo, which contains a little bit of everything Denver has to offer.


With reasonable public transit alternatives, getting around Denver is simple. Travel nurses can take the light rail, a motorized scooter or bike, or the bus. It’s ideal for travel nurses who prefer to be active even on their commute to work.


Colorado is also a member of the NLC, making it simple for travel nurses with multi-state licenses to begin working as soon as they arrive. Travel nurses may expect to earn an average of $1,433 per week working in the region.


3. Top 3 best travel nurse destinations in Eastern of US


3.1. New York City 

For a travel nurse, New York may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the attractions you must visit: 

  • Seeing Broadway plays
  • Walking around Central Park and stopping in Times Square

You can actually experience it all in New York, from boating to the Statue of Liberty to strolling culinary tours.


travel nurse destinations new york
New York may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity


3.2. Orlando, Florida 

Come for the beaches, but stay for the countless entertainment options. Due to its sunny weather and beach bum lifestyle, Florida is a favorite location for travel nurses. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the fantastic theme parks nearby – Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World are just a few of the numerous alternatives. 


3.3. Boston, Massachusetts

Some of the most prominent hospitals and colleges in Boston include:

  • Boston Medical Center
  • Massachusetts General Hospital; and
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital


This makes Boston one of the best travel nurse destinations  to increase their pay, build their credentials, and get experience with some of the best doctors in the country.


Many travel nurses feel at ease in Boston because of its friendly culture. While the city has a large population, it is still relatively compact and totally accessible, making it excellent for people searching for a convenient way to commute to and from work.


4. Top 3 popular travel nurse destinations in the Central of US


4.1. Dallas, Texas 

Everything in Texas is larger. That is also true for the city of Dallas. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex consists of ten major cities and thirteen counties, making it the biggest in the southern United States.


The quantity of individuals moving into the neighborhood may be beneficial or detrimental to you. In any case, Dallas is thriving. In Dallas, there is always something for a travel nurse to do, such as: 

  • The AT&T Performing Arts Center offers theater, opera, or dance
  • Music venues including Adair’s Saloon and The Bomb Factory
  • The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, as well as the Dallas Arts District


4.2. Omaha Nebraska

“Flyover Country” isn’t the first place many travel nurses think of when brainstorming travel nurse destinations, but it has its advantages.

Nebraska, with a population of roughly 475,000 people and over 100 hospitals, offers a variety of options for travel nurses to advance their careers.Nebraska is also a member of the NLC, so multi-state license holders may relax knowing they have one less thing to do when they arrive.

One of the most significant advantages of moving to Omaha for your next assignment is the state’s cheap cost of living, with housing expenses that are lower than the national average.

Famous places you can explore: 

  • Old Market
  • Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium
  • Fontenelle Forest 
  • Kerry Pedestrain Bridge 


travel nurse destinations omaha
State’s cheap cost of living is the most advatages of this state


4.3. Kansas, Missouri 

One of the most significant advantages of working as a travel nurse in Kansas City, Missouri, is the cheaper housing costs, laid-back atmosphere, and unlimited career options.


Kansas City, known as a “urban-meets-suburban” community, is not short on attractions. From world-class BBQ to jazz musicians, there’s a little something for everyone. Travel nurses may see the sights, enjoy all four seasons, and support a community that faces nursing shortages on a regular basis.


5. Top 3 best places for nurses to travel outside the US


Thinking about nature, who will not put Hawaii in the list?  For many travel nurses, working in Maui, Hawaii, is a dream come true. The breathtaking beaches, the mountains, the people, the culture, and beauty is everywhere in Maui. 


Honolulu, like many other places, has a nursing shortage, therefore travel nurses will have no trouble getting assignments. Many tourists wish to visit the Aloha State. And it’s a dream come true for travel nurses. Although it does not make the cut for financial reasons (because of the high cost of living), the quality of life experienced by travel nurses greatly surpasses the disadvantage.


Alaskan vacation jobs are ideal for adventurous nurses. Hiking volcanoes, seeing the Northern Lights, watching the salmon flow, or taking a helicopter flight over glaciers are all options. Anchorage, on the other hand, provides arts, entertainment, galleries, restaurants, and nightlife.


These awesome options are all in your hands if you are ready to explore the world. Which places are on your travel nurse destinations list? Let us know! Besides, after reading this article, are you planning to be a travel nurse? Start today with NCLEX Practice questions, which can help you catch your dream.