Learning to achieve the NCLEX-PN passing score might make you feel frustrated since there are hundreds of concepts, learning materials you need to look at. You should dedicate as much time as possible to reviewing as many of the topics that will be examined in order to pass the exam.

You’re reading an article about the NCLEX exam. Take a peek at our NCLEX practice questions for free and make sure you read this article thoroughly so that you’ll find your own way on how to pass the NCLEX-PN.


Passing the NCLEX-PN
Passing the NCLEX-PN is one of the most important steps for your nursing career


1. An overview of the NCLEX-PN test


1.1. What Is the Difference Between NCLEX-PN and RN?


A common question we get from nursing students is whether the NCLEX-PN is more difficult than the NCLEX (for RNs). No, it does not.

The NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN exams are both part of the general NCLEX. The NCLEX-RN exam, on the other hand, is the more difficult of the two. This is due to the fact that Registered Nurses must address more complex healthcare needs for their patients. They have more responsibilities and must complete more years of school. In this article, we will focus on guiding you how to pass the NCLEX-PN as well as to consider whether you get the NCLEX-PN passing score.


1.2 How difficult is the NCLEX-PN? 


The NCLEX-PN is surely believed to be difficult. The goal is to see if you’re capable of providing safe and effective care to clients who put their lives in your hands. Passing the NCLEX-PN demonstrates that you are capable of providing the same level of care that you expect to receive. You already have a solid foundation if you received your LPN/LVN education from an accredited school, passed your classes, and performed well in your clinical rotations.

Your knowledge and experience will provide the majority of what you need to understand the NCLEX content. You will still need to learn how to read and understand NCLEX questions, and then apply what you’ve learned to correctly answer them. This is where your own discipline and effort come into play: it will be up to you to study and prepare for your exam. 


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2. Tips on how to pass the NCLEX-PN exam and NCLEX-PN passing score


2.1. How do you know whether you achieve the NCLEX-PN passing score?


There is no fixed number of scores you need to achieve to pass the NCLEX-PN test. However, as we said above, the better you perform on the exam, the fewer questions you’ll be asked. When the computer is 95 percent certain that your ability is clearly above or clearly below the passing standard, it will stop generating questions.

If you’re wondering how many people pass the NCLEX-PN on their first try, the NCSBN reports that approximately 85 percent of all candidates passed the NCLEX-PN exam on their first try in 2019. This statistic should help to calm your nerves about the exam. This demonstrates that the answer for the question of how to pass the NCLEX-PN is you are well-prepared and take time to study and prepare for the NCLEX-PN, you will pass on your first try!


2.2. What are some helpful tips to pass the NCLEX-PN?


The NCLEX-PN exam has a different format than any other standardized test you’ve ever taken. With no specific requirement of NCLEX-PN passing score, it might be confusing for people to consider how and what to do during the preparation. Fortunately, there are numerous online resources, practice questions, and study guides available to guide you on how to pass the NCLEX-PN.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top five test prep tips that will help you pass the NCLEX-PN on your first try.


tips will make it easier for you to pass the nclex-pn exam
Following helpful tips will make it easier for you to pass the NCLEX-PN exam

Tip 1: Learn About the NCLEX-PN Exam Format

You should familiarize yourself with the exam format before taking it to avoid being surprised when you show up.

We’ve provided an overview of the NCLEX format, but for more detailed information, see the NCLEX practice questions.


Tip 2: Make Your Own Study Plan and Schedule

If you are looking for the best guide on how to pass the NCLEX-PN, it will be creating your own study schedule. The best way to study is determined by your individual preferences and learning styles. The best way to begin creating your personalized study plan is to identify which days of the week you want to study and how much time you want to spend studying on each of those days. Since there is no fixed number of NCLEX-PN passing score, you have to make sure that you’ll spend equal amounts of time for each category that appears in the test. 

Plan on studying for at least two hours on those days. However, it can’t hurt to study for longer periods of time (up to four hours) on certain days of the week.


Tip 3: Take the NCLEX practice exams.

You should schedule at least two NCLEX practice tests before taking the actual exam.

The practice exams can be registered directly through the NCSBN website.

These practice exams prepare you for the NCLEX-PN computer testing experience. Furthermore, by carefully examining the incorrect questions, you will prepare for when these types of questions appear on the exam. Taking pre-tests also will give you some idea about the NCLEX-PN passing score you are expected to have. 


Tip 4: Create a Plan to Reduce Stress and Anxiety on Test Day.

It is critical that you take your allotted breaks during the exam. Taking a break from the screen to get a drink of water or some food can often make or break your testing results. Take some time during your break to clear your mind before returning to testing. One of the most effective ways how to pass the NCLEX-PN is keeping your whole body conscious and healthy. 


Tip 5: Be well-prepared for Exam Day

Remember to get plenty of rest the night before and to eat breakfast on exam day. This will keep you alert and fresh throughout the day. Be well-prepared, and don’t forget your ID card, as candidates who can’t show their ID will be denied access to the exam. You should also dress comfortably, and hats, scarves, gloves, and coats should be left outside the testing room. There are, however, provisions for religious and cultural attire. Another suggestion is to arrive 3-0 minutes before the test. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you may be required to forfeit the exam, re-register, and pay another exam fee.

During the test time, you’ll have up to 4 hours to complete the NCLEX-PN, including the brief tutorial and two optional breaks. Take your time analyzing each question—once you submit an answer, you cannot return to it. Remember that all you have to do is try your best, and don’t compare your performance to other candidates as we said previously that there will be different requirements for each contestant to be considered to achieve an NCLEX-PN passing score. 

At the end, you will be given a brief computerized survey at the end of the exam. When you finish, raise your hand and wait for the TA to dismiss you.


Now you know several recommendations on how to pass the NCLEX-PN exam, we hope that by reading through this article, you can achieve the NCLEX-PN passing score and start your promising nursing career.