When mentioning a nurse, do you think of a woman? Admittedly, nursing is a female-dominated field in the US and all over the world. However, with the rapidly growing demand for nurses, men are also joining the party. The number of male nurses is increasing fastly these days, raising the question of what it is like to be a male nurse and is this an easy job for men? In this article, we are going to answer those questions.

male nurse nclex
The male nurse is often called Murse

1. What is a male nurse called?


Do you expect any special names for male nurse? Actually, they are just nurses themselves. However, some people on the internet call them the term “murse”, a combination of male and nurse. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of registered male nurses now is 12%, a good sign for men in the nursing field. 


2. What stereotypes do male nurses face?


Back to a few decades, women account for a high proportion of nurses, it was unusual for male to become a nurse. However, the gender gap is dramatically changed while the demand for male nurses is higher recently. For example, the presence of more male-identifying nurses can assist guarantee that male patients feel represented. Patients may prefer a nurse of specific sex for some delicate operations, such as placing a catheter, using the bathroom or bedpan, or administering an enema.

Besides, a male nurse was considered a failed doctor. Due to the perception that males are doctors and females are nurses, a male nurse means that he can not be a doctor. This stereotype is toxic and harmful. In fact, both doctors and nurses are in charge of taking care of and providing the best service for patients. Moreover, the vast majority of nurses, including both men and women, choose nursing because of their strong passion and independent objectives. Thus, it is not true to say that men enrolled nursing field because they can’t get into medical school. 

In short, a high-quality healthcare business requires diversity. As more men enter the field, the stigma associated with males in nursing will presumably go away, and bias will become a thing of the past. If you want to be a nurse and are a male, you can accomplish it. Simply by being yourself, you’ll give the message that anybody can work in healthcare, that anyone can care for others, and that serving others is a worthy goal regardless of gender.


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nursing is a good choice for men

3. Why nursing is a good choice for men? 


3.1. Huge demand for nurses


Nursing is, as everyone knows, a thriving industry. Nurse employment vacancies are expected to grow by sixteen percent between 2020 and 2030, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics predictions. Not only is this expected to rise, but the median income, as well as career possibilities, have also been shown to be more attractive and prospective. As a result, men who choose to work as nurses will be part of a more dynamic workforce in the country.


3.2. Great male patients demand


Patients are more likely to be at their worst while meeting nurses. This is especially true for male patients, who will feel physically and mentally uncomfortable when they are treated by female nurses. This may be prevented if the male nurse is there to offer treatment to the male patients. In addition, they will be delighted to be exposed to males and will become increasingly at ease in front of other men. The question now is whether a difference in the treatment delivered by nurses. Of course not. Nurses will treat all patients equally, regardless of gender. Human nature, fragility, and anxieties, on the other hand, are regular roadblocks for healthcare practitioners.


3.3. High Salary competitive


Have you ever wondered how much male nurses make? Although the male nurse portion is not the majority, surprisingly, male nurse earn more in the nursing industry. Based on the trusted statistics, the average salary of nurses is $77,600 per year while male nurse average salary is roughly $80,000 ~ $4000 higher than average. Some possible reasons for this higher wage may the better negotiation skills and longer working time. If you want to join the nursing field, this profitable salary can persuade you well.

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nclex male nurse
male nurse average salary is roughly $80,000 ~ 4000

3.4. Wide range of specialties 


Nursing, as we all know, is a large field. You will have access to a broad selection of occupations and career paths if you choose to work in the sector, yet only one will suit you. Nursing is one of the few occupations with a diverse range of career opportunities. Keep in mind that there is a shortage of male nurses across all nursing career pathways. There are some kinds of nurses that suit male nurses:

  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA): Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists offer anesthetic care for patients undergoing surgical operations and are one of the highest-paying nursing professions. CRNAs make an average of $181,040 per year. More information on how to become a CRNA may be found here.
  • Emergency Room  Nurse: ER nurses deal with everything that comes through the hospital door, from trauma to life-threatening situations to regular operations in small towns. The average yearly income for ER nurses is $75,061, according to Glassdoor, and it varies greatly depending on geographical location and specialty within the ER.
  • ICU Nurse: According to PayScale, ICU nurses may earn as much as $100,000/year, depending on factors such as specialty qualification. Learn more about how to work as an ICU nurse.
  • Critical Care Nurse: According to Salary.com, critical care nurse salaries range from a little under $80,000 to over $98,000 on average.
  • Flight Nurse: According to Glassdoor, flight nurses may earn anywhere from $43,000 to $87,000 per year. More information about how to become a flight nurse may be found here.

Depending on the requirements, responsibilities, and salaries of each type of nurse that males can choose. However, to become any type of nurse mentioned above, you must become a nurse first. 

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In conclusion, the male nurse is now a normal term in the nursing field. There are several benefits for a male nurse to develop their career path. If you are a man who is interested in a nursing career, start with our NCLEX practice test now!