You are studying for the NCLEX and are still not aware of how to pass the exam? Keep reading this article to know about top 6 NCLEX tips


1. NCLEX Tip – Understand the NCLEX Format


The first NCLEX tip is firmly grasping the format of the test. To gain a high score in the NCLEX test, you should learn carefully about its structure. The NCLEX test includes percentage ranges for each category on which you will be tested. It is advisable to decide which areas you believe to be your strengths and which fields you need to study carefully when preparing for the test. 


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One important thing you need to know about the NCLEX test is that it is administered with computerized adaptive testing (CAT). This means that you must take the test in front of a screen. 

There are two types of NCLEX test. They are NCLEX – RN (Registered Nurse) and NCLEX – PN (Practical Nurse). 

The NCLEX test contains four major categories and six subcategories. Four main categories are Safe and Effective Care Environment, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, and Physiological Integrity. Several kinds of questions in the test are multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, hot spots, and chart/exhibit. Read the types of NCLEX questions for more detailed information.

The NCLEX – RN comprises a maximum of 265 questions and a maximum of 75 questions. Meanwhile, the NCLEX – PN includes a maximum of 205 questions and a minimum of 85 questions. There will be 15 experimental questions which will not be counted on your final score. To know more about NCLEX passing score, read the suggested article!


However, the NCLEX test format will be changed in 2023. We will keep up-to-date with the latest information about NCLEX change format for the readers and candidates.

2. Put your NCLEX study plan to work


Another useful tip for passing the NCLEX is taking practice tests. There are plenty of learning materials on the Internet including both study guides and practice questions. After you choose a good source of material, you should consider crafting a routine for your study days with a balance of reading materials and taking practice tests. While some students prefer to study intensely, others like to make studying an interwoven part of their everyday routines.


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It is recommended to study with your friends who are also preparing for the NCLEX exam. Studying with someone else can boost your learning spirit. Although you can not take the test together, you can help each other identify weaknesses. 

When studying with friends, think of fun ways to relax after hours of studying hard. This will help you absorb knowledge more effectively. 


3. Attending an NCLEX prep course


The tip on how to study for NCLEX includes attending an NCLEX prep course. NCLEX practice questions in this course may be useful to people who are struggling setting aside time to study between other activities. If you are a person who can learn better in a structured environment, you can choose prep courses both online and in classrooms. Even though the NCLEX prep courses may be costly, they are worthy of the structured learning environment they bring.


attending a nclex prep course


NCLEX prep courses are also a great choice for students who do not have the intention to take the test immediately after graduation. If you have just graduated from your nursing program, knowledge of the NCLEX exam may be new to you. In this case, a prep course can help to bring knowledge to the forefront of your mind. An NCLEX prep course can help to save time on sorting out learning materials and old notes. It can be said that NCLEX prep courses can bring benefits to a lot of nursing students. 


4. Unwind the day before the exam 


Before the test day, it is advisable to relax as well as stay far away from test-related materials. Because you have placed a lot of effort in preparing for the exam, give yourself time to enjoy a relaxing break. 

Taking rest can help you do the exam from a calm and thoughtful state of mind. You can apply what you have learned to the test. Cramming the night before the test day may make you forget knowledge in the testing room. You should get a full night’s sleep and eat healthily. This is considered one of the most effective tips for passing the NCLEX.


5. Hone your test-taking skills 


The next NCLEX test-taking tip that can not be missed is honing your test-taking skills. The NCLEX is just as much about knowing how the test is written as it is about knowing the right answers. Use test-taking tips to get rid of wrong answers, and avoid “extremes” such as “All” or “None” answers. Bear in mind to always prioritize the patient’s safety. 

Some themes in answers include:

– Always check patients first, calling the doctor immediately isn’t usually the best first step

– Utilize Airway – Breathing – Circulation approach, etc.

– In case you do not have any ideas about the concepts behind the topic, use deductive reasoning.

– You will certainly encounter the select-all-that-apply questions. You can use the same systematic approach to eradicate wrong answers. 


6. Don’t draw from past clinical or work experience


Don’t draw from past clinical or work experience is the final NCLEX test tips which is provided in this article. Those who previously worked as nursing techs or aides at hospitals may use their own experience to answer test questions. Even just from what you spotted in hospitals, it is obvious that many topics or clinical skills in textbooks are different from ones in real-life healthcare. 

The NCLEX questions are based on verified, research-based and evidence-based practice. Even if the clinic at which you worked did something in a different way that is just as safe or just as correct, don’t think that this can apply to the NCLEX exam.

It is essential to take the NCLEX test as if you don’t have real-life experience as a nurse. One tip for taking the NCLEX here is supposing that you have plenty of time and resources to deal with each type of question. 


We have put together top NCLEX test-taking tips. Hopefully, this article will be of some help to you on how to study for NCLEX.