Nursing is a rewarding job that deserves your appreciation. When it comes to nursing holidays or celebrations such as Christmas or graduation, you can express your gratitude for the hard work they do, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic through a thoughtful gift. Our list includes practical items and suited gifts for nurses not only when working but also during off-work hours, which can assist them to have a better and quality experience. Read on to know the top 10 perfect gifnurt ideas for nurses. 


gifts for nurses
Top 10 thoughtful gifts for nurses



3. What factors you should consider when choosing gifts for nurses? 


1.1. Budget 

When choosing gifts, keep your budget in mind. If you have a tight budget, only buy gifts that you can afford and customize them with unique decor or a message. Indeed, not all expensive gifts are the best idea when giving to someone. Use can DIY your gifts and make them be unique, affordable, helpful, and simple!


1.2. Practicality 

Genuinely, most people appreciate getting things that they can put to good use, nurses are not the exception. Hence, considering the situation, gift condition, and what nurses really want when receiving a gift. 


1.3. Suitability 

Unless the nurse is a close family member or friend, don’t buy a present that they can’t afford. Your gift should not leave someone unsure of how to respond.


2. Top 10 best gifts for nurses 


2.1. Stethoscope 

Price: $67 – $350

gifts for nurses stethoscope
The stethoscope is the best gift for nurses

The first one in the list of gifs for nurses absolutely is a Stethoscope. All nurses and nursing students use it every day- an essential tool in their practice! Give the amazing tool to your nurse. There are various types of Stethoscopes in size, shape, and color available!

In addition, the digital stethoscope is produced to reduce most of the noise and possible factors that affect the result of nurses, to a whole new level! For instance, the 3M Little Core 

Digital Stethoscope includes 40x amplification, and active noise cancellation to eliminate undesired background noises, and can be linked to Eko software to display and share (HIPAA-compliant) heart sound waveforms.


2.2. New nurse Survival Kit

Price: $10 -$20


gifts for nurses survival kit
A survival kit is a perfect Christmas gift for new nurses


If your friend or family member is a new nurse, a new nurse survival kit is one of the best gifts for nurses to show your support! You can order it from Amazon or take a basket and fill it with the items they can use during nursing school and working days. 


2.3. Foot massager

Price: $120 – $170


gifts for nurses foot massage
Foot massager is useful after a long shift walking


Let’s imagine, nurses walk at least 12 miles a shift, how aching their foot will be? What could be a better treat after 12 hours on your feet than a foot massager with deep kneading and Shiatsu massage features to use while resting in front of the TV, reading a book, or even studying if necessary? We best this is one of the most favorite gifts for nurses in this list. 


2.4. Nursing shoes 

Price: $49 – $150

shoes for nurses oofos
Comfortable shoes is a ideal gift for nurses


Comfortable and lightweight shoes absolutely help nurses feel better when doing their tasks. Considering the suggested shoes for nurses to choose a suitable one for your nurse.


2.5. Nursing Review Books

Price: $40 – $70

top nclex review books
Review books is an ideal gift for nurses

If you’re gifting for a nursing student, these excellent review books can help them prepare for the NCLEX. These books are useful not only for preparing pupils for the NCLEX but also for reviewing throughout their school examinations. You can choose one from the must-read NCLEX review books list, a detailed review and suggestion is provided in that article. 


2.6. Scrubs 

Price: $20 – $40


gifts for nurses scrubs
High-quality scrubs help nurses to confident 


Do you know what a nurse will actually require every day for the rest of her career? Scrubs! And give them high-quality scrubs. There are so many colors and styles to pick from on the internet. Grey’s Anatomy is our favorite brand because of its comfort, affordability, and quality, but other brands are also fantastic! 


2.7. Sticky notes

Price: $5 – $7


gifts for nurses sticky notes
Sticky notes is essential for both nurses and nursing students


These sticky notes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help nurses with their writing and tasks! The small but mighty idea in choosing gifts for nurses. 


2.8. Backpack

Price: $50 – $300

backpack for nurses tumi
A lightweight packback can avoid back problems

A backpack is essential for both nurses and nursing students. It is the ideal way to carry your coursework, tablet, medical tools, and food to get through a long working day. A suggested list of backpacks for nurses is all ready for you! Choose the best one in the best gifts for nurses. 


2.9. Coffee mug

Price: $10 – $30

gifts for nurses mug
A coffee mug is a thoughtful ideal


Coffee is an essential material for nurses during the 12 working shifts, especially night nurses. There is nothing better than gifting your nurse a coffee mug with a special custom design for themself and encased in a gift box. One of the perfect gifts for nurses during Nurses Week or Christmas day. 


2.10. Gift cards

Price: $5 – $100

gifts for nurses giftcards
Thank you card for nurses

Old but gold method to express your appreciation for your nurse’s friend or family member. Besides, the EGift Card is popular recently. They are all available on Amazon with copious designs for you to choose from. Amazon will deliver it directly to your nurse’s email or text message, and they may choose exactly what they want or need. There are over 300 card designs to pick from. A good method to choose gifts for nurses!


3. What are the frequently asked about gifts for nurses?


3.1. Do nurses like thank you cards?

A sincere sentiment of gratitude is not only nurses but also doctors and physicians could ask for, a thoughtful handwritten thank you card is far more than an expensive gift.


3.2. Is it okay to give nurses a gift?

Nurses to whom a patient offers a gift should: Be sensitive to the gift’s value relative to the patient’s or nurse’s means. Nurses should decline gifts that are disproportionately or inappropriately large, or when they would be uncomfortable to have colleagues know the gift had been accepted. Don’t choose to overprice gifts for nurses!


3.3. Can you tip nurses?

Usually tipping nurses at hospitals is not permitted.


3.4. Do doctors appreciate nurses? 

Perhaps the doctors you work with seldom, if ever, express their gratitude to you. It might be that it’s just not their style, but chances are they’re more grateful for you, your nursing talents, and the important position you play on their healthcare team than you realize.


3.5. Can you send thank you gifts to hospital staff?

As thank you presents, hospital employees adore flowers and balloon arrangements, but they also prefer meals that may be consumed on the premises. Purchase and wrap a huge box of mixed chocolates. Attach a bright ribbon with a small bottle, crutch, or other hospital-related emblems.


We hope you found our recommend gifts for nurses useful! There are still plenty of options and presents for nurses that can bring delight to your recipient! If you have any more suggestions, please share with us! Besides, if you want to be a nurse to earn the gratitude that nurses received, start practicing NCLEX practice test now!