Every registered nurse (RN) has to take the NCLEX-RN exam to make sure they are qualified with their title. However, not all of them pass the test right from their first try, someone even took the worst case, and can not reach their goal. Thus, this article is a compilation of the Top 5 NCLEX biggest mistakes that nurses meet when taking their NCLEX exam. Let’s find out what they are and how to avoid them. 


nclex biggest mistakes
Top 5 NCLEX biggest mistakes to avoid

1. Choose the wrong time to take the NCLEX exam


To begin with, choosing an improper time to do the exam is considered one of the NCLEX biggest mistakes that people make. A noticeable report stated that nurses often wait for a long time before doing the test. Some feel afraid and not confident, some want to spend time on more study. However, not everyone advantages of this break to study. While you still hesitate, your opportunity to pass is faded away because what you learn from school can be lost during that time. In fact, it is suggested that the most suitable time for nurses to do the NCLEX test is in 4 or 5 weeks after your graduation. Besides, it still takes time to prepare and process needed papers and documents, be ready for it!


nclex time arrangement
NCLEX time arrangement plays an important role

2. Adopt a poor NCLEX study method


It can not be denied that the study method plays an important role in the result. If you choose a suitable way to study for the NCLEX exam, you can not only memorize knowledge efficiently but also get a good score when taking the test. There are 2 types of nurses that have two different poor study habits:


People who spend too much time studying. It is one of the NCLEX biggest mistakes that nurses try to cram as much knowledge as possible. However, it sometimes does not work well and even brings bad effects such as headaches, insomnia, unable to remember, and exhaustion. How do you feel if you wake up and forget all the information you just study last night? Nightmare!


The second type of nurse occupied a big portion. They often spend their last night before the exam studying. It is absolutely a big NCLEX mistake. When you try to hammer everything in just one day, it causes problems undoubtedly. Some of them can namely as mixing up definitions and facts, do not really understand issues, anxiety, and even fail. 


In brief, what is the best NCLEX study method for nurses? The best tactic is to schedule and apportion knowledge reasonably for each day. You should start by doing the basic practice test and then increasing the level. Additionally, simulator your own test and do it as the actual test, set time, no materials or searching tool is a good way to familiarize yourself. It is a huge difference between only reading and reading to swallow the knowledge and taking an actual practice test. Consequently, our website NCLEX Practice Test can help you in this situation. We provide a system of levels and allow you to create your own mock test. We are available on the App store and CH Play also, you can download it to practice now, it’s totally FREE!


3. Be too over panic 


The most common feeling before taking the test is nervousness and worry. It is one of the NCLEX biggest mistakes that affect badly test results. Some candidates may not sleep well the night before the test, then lead to unawareness and clear mental problems. Some choose to drink or eat as much coffee or caffeine food as possible to stay alert. However, it leads to over-caffeine issues. Specifically, it might break your nervous system and even make you feel more anxious. In order to not get in this situation, you can drink coffee and energy-boosted food, just not too much. The key important thing is you must stay calm and try to be positive, don’t think that you will fail. It is reported that most nurses failed the test because they were too nervous. It’s normal to fail, don’t give up and try again later! 

nclex mistakes
Too over panic can lead to bad results

4. Read the questions improperly


Not only in the NCLEX exam but also in any test, one thing you should keep in mind is to be focused, steady and careful. In fact, you have 5 hours to complete your test, don’t be rushy. We know it is anxious and stressful, but it’s much better if you don’t need to take the test again. In order to avoid making NCLEX biggest mistakes, you must know that there will be tricky questions in the test, if you don’t spend time reading carefully, you might fail with no doubt. 


Another hilarious issue that can lead to an improper way of reading questions is overconfidence. When looking at the test, you may find some questions quite similar to what you practice at home then you come across them instantly. However, as mentioned above, there are always tricks and traps. Spend more time and stay focused, that’s our suggestion. 


5. Choose random answers


Lastly, when it’s come to a priority question that you don’t know the correct answer to, most people will do it randomly.  However, it’s not wise to not relook at it and apply this NCLEX ABC rule:

  • A for Airway
  • B for Breathing
  • C for Circulation

Actually, it is a popular trick for nurses when taking priority on patient needs. From some research, nearly 90% of test-takers said it worked. It will be one of the big NCLEX mistakes if you choose randomly to complete the test. For more tips on the NCLEX test, visit NCLEX Tips here!


In summary, it is not impossible to pass the NCLEX exam if you can realize and overcome the 5 NCLEX biggest mistakes that we already listed above. Passing the NCLEX is a successful step to be a registered nurse (RN). It’s an achievement to be proud of. All you need to do is to have a good strategy, practice well and stay calm. You can do it, we always support you!