A 14-year-old adolescent with moderate cognitive impairment is admitted for knee surgery. During the rehabilitation period, the nurse's first nursing action is to


• Obtaining information about the adolescent's usual routine at home helps in providing suggestions in modifying the hospital routine (when in doubt and without risks to ABCs, consider the assessment option).

• Maintaining a normal routine in the hospital helps minimize the amount of stress to which the adolescent is exposed and helps her adjust to hospitalization.

Incorrect options:

• Using the child’s own personal-care items is important to help promote a more familiar environment for self-care. However, the child's normal routine needs to be assessed first to adapt the hospital routine appropriately and determine what would be appropriate to bring in.

• Discharge planning begins on admission, but discharge teaching is left until the patient is ready to go home.

• Encouraging the mother to have family members and friends visit is important, but assessments are a higher priority.

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