A 28-year-old primigravida goes to the clinic for a prenatal visit. Which of the following is not included as part of the initial prenatal assessment?


• Pelvimetry is not routinely included in the prenatal assessment unless the patient is at high risk. Pelvimetry involves the manual assessment of the female pelvis usually through the vagina to help in determining the risk for cephalo-pelvic disproportion during vaginal birth.

• The HgbA1c test provides an indication of blood sugar control over the last 3 months and would not be administered unless the patient was determined to be at risk for diabetes.

• HIV testing is routinely done as part of risk screening for all prenatal patients.

• Nutritional counseling is initiated early in prenatal care and addressed at each visit.

• Family history provides information which helps to direct care planning and identify risk factors during pregnancy and birth.

• Anemia is common during pregnancy and a CBC is routinely performed to assess for this condition early in care.

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