A community health nurse is giving health education to the members of a community regarding breast self-examination (BSE). During the educational session, a patient verbalized something that the nurse needs to correct. Which of the following statement indicates the need for further teaching?

"The best time to perform a BSE is during menstruation, when the breasts are more sensitive."


• The recommended time for a BSE is after menstruation, because the breasts are least likely to be swollen and tender.

• Breast self-examination is done to detect breast problems, such as a lump or change in appearance that may indicate breast cancer. If a woman's menstrual cycle is irregular, or if a woman has stopped menstruating due to menopause or the removal of her uterus (hysterectomy), she should perform the examination on a day of the month that's easiest for her to remember. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding can continue to examine their breasts every month.

• The other options are accurate information regarding BSE.

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