A diabetic female has the following lab results: fasting glucose of 218 mg/dl, creatinine of 0.8 mg/dl, potassium of 4.1 mEq/l, hemoglobin of 8 mg/dl, CO2 of 41 mEq/l. Which result is critical and should be reported to the physician immediately? 


• Normal hemoglobin range for an adult female is about 12–16 mg/dl.

• Although the glucose is elevated, it is not a critical value. It should be reported to the physician if there is no existing order for insulin.

• Normal creatinine: 0.5–1.1 mg/dl.

• Normal potassium: 3.5–5.0 mEq/l.

• Normal CO2: 35–45 mEq/l.

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