A newborn has been admitted to the nursery shortly after birth. Nursing assessment reveals all of the following findings. Which findings should the nurse consider abnormal?


• Jaundice during the first 24 hours after birth is always considered pathologic. Jaundice occurring after 24 hours lasting to day 8 is normal for term infants.

• Jaundice occurs due to an increase in serum bilirubin. This occurs in newborns because of several factors, including low enzyme activity used for the conversion and excretion of bilirubin, shorter life span of red blood cells, and low levels of intestinal flora resulting in high absorption rates of bilirubin.

• Sunken or depressed fontanelles in a newborn would indicate dehydration or low fluid volume and are a finding that should be reported to the physician.

• The other options are considered normal in the newborn.

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