A newborn has just undergone PlastiBell circumcision. The nurse has spoken with the parents about post circumcision care to avoid complications. What should she do next to minimize potential problems?


•Complications that can occur after circumcision include hemorrhage, infection, and urethral fistula formation. To keep the risk to a minimum, the first priority of the nurse is to check the infant for bleeding every 15 minutes for the first hour after the procedure.

•Secondly, It is also important to document if the infant has voided after circumcision.

•For the first 3 days, parents should be taught how to keep the area clean and covered until the healing is complete. Alert them to check often the area for any signs of redness, tenderness, constant crying from pain, or having foul odor.

•Normally, circumcision sites appear red but never have a strong odor or discharge. A film of yellowish mucus often covers the glans by the second day after surgery.

•Petroleum jelly should be applied after circumcision, except when a PlastiBell is used.

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