A nurse has been teaching a 16-year-old boy about health promotion. Which of the following statements made by the boy indicates effective education?

"I will drink at least a liter of sports drink or water whenever I play basketball for more than an hour."
"If there is alcohol at a party, I can say I''m the designated driver. I don''t have to drink."
"Since my dad keeps a rifle at home, he will ensure that it remains in the locked case, and I will enroll in a gun safety course."


•Birth control pills do not protect against sexually transmitted infections. All sexually active adolescents should be encouraged to use condoms, even if they are using another form of birth control. 

•Drinking sports fluids during physical activity is common and safe, although the need for sports drinks is in question. Water is always a good choice.

•Teaching gun safety to teenagers is a way of preventing future injuries, and guns should always be kept in locked cases.

•Teens should be empowered to resist peer pressure to drink and do drugs. Being a sober driver is one way to resist the peer pressure to drink.

•According to the CDC, more than half of individuals killed in motor vehicle  crashes were not restrained at the time of the crash.  Despite improvements in the compliance of seat belt use 1 in 7 individuals choose not to buckle up.  Every passenger in the car should wear a safety belt, whether in the front or back seat. Regardless of the local laws, this is the safest action. The exception is infants and children, who should be in age and size-appropriate car seats and booster seats.

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