A nurse has given home care instructions to the parent of a child with head lice. Which of the following statements indicates that the parent has correctly understood the instructions?


• Pediculosis capitis is head lice. Head lice are spread by direct contact and can live for up to three days between hosts.

• Red bite marks are noted on the scalp, especially behind the ears and the nape of the neck. The first time a child is infested, itching may not develop for weeks, but they are contagious during this time.

• The parent should be advised that anyone can get lice. Because it is transmitted easily from one person to another, all family members should receive treatment to ensure the infestation is not passed to untreated family members.

Incorrect options:

• The child does not have to be kept home from school once treatment is completed.

• The shampoo is a pediculicide, not an antibacterial shampoo. Head lice are parasites, not bacteria.

• Linens should be washed in hot water but do not have to be discarded.

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