A nurse is assisting a patient who has hemiparesis after a cerebrovascular accident (CVA).  The nurse assists the patient with a safe transfer from sitting on the bed to the wheelchair by implementing which of the following?

If the knees sway, the nurse moves in front of the patient to block the unaffected knee.


• Blocking/supporting the patient's unaffected/strong knee if it buckles while supporting his or her full weight helps maintain stability during transfer.

• When there is a weak lower extremity, the chair is placed beside the patient's strong/unaffected side to allow the patient to use his or her unaffected leg effectively. The nurse should stand on on the weaker side to help.

• The nurse should stand on the patient’s affected/weaker side to hold or support the affected limb.

• Placing a pillow under the affected arm and shoulder after getting into the wheelchair provides additional support and comfort, but this is not a step necessary during the transfer of the patient, and may make things awkward and unsafe.

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