A nurse is caring for a 22-year-old female hospitalized with acute bacterial meningitis. The nurse is teaching a student nurse about acute bacterial meningitis. Which of the following statements indicate that teaching has been ineffective?


This question asks you to identify statements that demonstrate ineffective teaching, so you would need to choose false answers. The following are the true facts:

• Most adults presenting with bacterial meningitis have at least two of the four symptoms: headache, fever, nuchal rigidity, and altered mental status

• Bacterial meningitis has a rapid onset, developing over hours to 2 days

• Antibiotics should be started immediately

• Hearing impairment and photophobia are the most common complications of bacterial meningitis, and patients should be in a dimly lit room

• There is no specific diet for this disease

• The patient is placed on droplet precautions (not airborne, which requires a negative pressure room)

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