A nurse is caring for a patient scheduled for heart valve surgery the next day. The patient has been on Coumadin and has an INR of 2.3 on daily laboratory work. The provider wants the INR < 2.0 prior to surgery and has ordered vitamin K IM. Which of the following interventions can the nurse perform to assist in reaching the INR goal?


•Patients who require Coumadin to thin the blood may need the effect to be counteracted if the blood is too thin prior to surgical procedures.

•Vitamin K is the antidote for Coumadin. Green leafy vegetables are a good source of vitamin K and can reduce the effects of Coumadin when eaten.

•Vitamin K should not be confused with potassium (symbolized with the letter "K") because potassium will have no effect on the thickness of the blood.

•Though the patient will be NPO for 6-8 hours before surgery, NPO will not begin until midnight.

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