A nurse is caring for a three-day-old infant with hyperbilirubinemia who is receiving phototherapy. Which of the following nursing actions would be appropriate?

Allow the parent to hold the infant to promote bonding.
Feed the infant every 2 hours.
Keep the eyes and genitalia covered throughout therapy.


• An infant's liver struggles to process bilirubin because the mother's circulation does this for the fetus. Upon birth, exposure to light triggers the liver to assume this function. Additional light speeds up the conversion potential of the liver.

• An infant receiving phototherapy should be removed from under the lights for feeding so that she/he continues to have interaction with the mother.

• Remove the eye patches during the time the infant is with the mother to give the infant a period of visual stimulation.

• Swaddling the infant is inappropriate. The infant receiving phototherapy must be exposed to the light. Only eyes and genitalia should be covered.

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