A nurse is reviewing a patient's chart and notes a Braden score of 14. The nurse understands that this score corresponds with what level of pressure ulcer risk?


• In the Braden scale, there are six categories: sensory perception, moisture, activity, mobility, nutrition, and friction and shear.

• Scores range from 6-23 with a total score of 10 or less representing a high risk.

• Very high risk: Less than 10

• High risk: 10-12

• Moderate risk: 13-15

• Mild risk: 16-23

• Sensory perception is scored from completely limited-1, very limited-2, slightly limited-3, and no impairment-4.

• Moisture is scored from constantly moist-1, often moist-2, occasionally moist-3, and rarely moist-4.

• Activity is scored from bedfast-1, chairfast-2, walks occasionally-3, and walks frequently-4.

• Mobility is scored from completely immobile-1, very limited-2, slightly limited-3, and no limitations-4.

• Nutrition is scored from very poor-1, probably inadequate-2, adequate-3, and excellent-4.

• Friction and shear is scored from  problem-1,  potential problem-2, and no apparent problem-3.

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