A nurse on the cardiac critical unit is caring for a patient that just had a 3-vessel coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Initial postoperative lab work reveals a hemoglobin of 6.8 and hematocrit of 23.1. The patient's blood pressure is 88/54 with a heart rate of 96. The nurse notifies the doctor of these findings and receives new verbal orders. Based on these laboratory results, the nurse will likely receive which of the following orders? 


•Blood loss occurs with volume depletion during heart surgery. After coronary bypass graft surgery, patients need to maintain a systolic blood pressure of greater than 90 for adequate perfusion of the myocardial tissue through the new bypass grafts and to prevent graft collapse.

•Serum hemoglobin of less than 8.0 and hematocrit of less than 24.0 usually require transfusion of packed red blood cells. This is even more crucial in patients with coronary bypass grafts so the new graft sites will receive adequate oxygen supply.

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