A nurse on the medical surgical floor discovered an unresponsive patient. After checking for a carotid pulse for 10 seconds, the nurse could not find a pulse. The nurse called for help and began CPR with chest compressions. Another nurse arrived with an AED, and the pads were placed on the patient's chest. The AED had the power switch turned "ON." Once the AED analyzed the heart rhythm, the device indicates "no shock advised." The nurse knows the next action is which of the following?


•Once a nurse has checked for responsiveness and a carotid pulse, if no carotid pulse can be felt, the nurse should start CPR with chest compressions.

•Once help arrives with an AED, the pads are placed in the appropriate position on the patient's chest wall.

•The AED should be turned to the "ON" position, and the device will then begin analyzing the patient's heart rhythm.

•After the heart rhythm has been analyzed, the AED will advise if a shock should be delivered.

•If the AED advises that no shock should be delivered, the rhythm is not a shockable rhythm.

•If no shock is advised, the nurse should resume CPR with chest compressions until a code blue team arrives to initiate ACLS protocols.

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