A patient at 34 weeks gestation calls the hospital with concerns of leaking vaginal fluid. The nurse should:


•If the woman in early pregnancy experiences premature rupture of membranes, the fetus is in serious danger. After rupture, the seal to the fetus is lost and uterine and fetal infection may occur. It is necessary to report to the hospital immediately for prophylactic administration of broad spectrum antibiotics.

•Prophylactic administration of broad spectrum antibiotics may reduce risk of infection in the newborn.

•After being assessed by the doctor, the woman should be placed on home bed rest if labor does not begin and the fetus is too young to survive outside the uterus.

•Advising her to have a prenatal check-up or telling her to report to the hospital once her uterine contractions are 5 minutes apart will pose a major threat to the fetus. Delaying immediate care may put the fetus at risked for infection.

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