A patient attends a wound clinic for a foot ulcer that will not heal. The patient asks for an explanation as to why his ulcer is not healing. Which of the following diseases would have a negative impact on wound healing, and in turn would require further patient education by the nurse?


• Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) causes a decrease in blood supply, and therefore oxygen, to the extremities. This results in poor wound healing. Ongoing management of PVD will have an impact on healing

• Complications of diabetes include neuropathy and ischemia. Both neuropathy and ischemia are risk factors for foot ulcers. Additionally, hyperglycemia is associated with poor wound healing. Proper management of diabetes is important to wound healing

• Asthma, when controlled, should not have a large impact on wound healing

• Cataracts and diverticulitis do not impair wound healing

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