A patient diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma of the right kidney is scheduled for nephrectomy. The left kidney is normal according to diagnostic exam findings. However, the patient is very anxious about the possibility of undergoing dialysis. The nurse is teaching effectively if the nurse says


• Anxious cancer patients experiencing surgery need emotional support and reassurance. For patients with renal cancer scheduled to undergo a nephrectomy, it is important to inform them that the remaining healthy kidney is still able to adequately meet the body’s metabolic needs.

• A nephrectomy is a surgical procedure for the removal of a kidney or section of a kidney and is indicated for patients with renal cell carcinoma or cancer of the kidney.

• There is no need for fluid restriction with a functioning kidney.

• Telling the patient either that they have absolutely no chance of needing dialysis or that there is a strong chance of needing dialysis is inappropriate and inaccurate.

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