A patient is prescribed a 24-hour urine test after sustaining significant damage to the kidneys. The nurse advises the patient that the collection time for this test should start when?


• The protocol for the 24-hour urine test is standardized and patients are expected to follow the following guidelines:

• The specimen collection begins in the morning after the patient voids the first time. The first void is flushed down the toilet.

• The exact time of the first (discarded) void must be noted. This is the start of the collection time. Every ounce of urine following this is collected during the next 24-hours. 

• Every void during the day and night is collected, which may be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

• Any urine passed with a bowel movement should also be collected. 

• The last urine collected should be within ten minutes before or after the time noted on the previous morning.

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