A patient with a severe allergy to dust mites is receiving instructions from the nurse. The nurse should include which of the following to help with his allergic reactions to dust mites?


• To prevent dust mites, the patient should wash all linens in hot water above 130 degrees Fahrenheit

• Put zippered allergen-impermeable covers on mattresses and pillows reduce dust mite allergies

• Keep floors and walls bare and wash throw rugs in hot water frequently

• Incorrect: Current literature shows that the use of indoor air purifiers is limited in effectiveness

• Incorrect: Changing pillow cases frequently will not help unless the pillowcases are washed in water above 130 degrees Fahrenheit

• Incorrect: Cleaning surfaces (dusting) weekly will help relieve allergies, but it should be done by another member of the family who is not allergic to dust mites. Coming into contact with them while cleaning may worsen his/her allergies

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