A patient with sickle-cell anemia has ineffective tissue perfusion related to generalized infarcts. Which of the following interventions should the nurse prioritize in the plan of care?

Administer oxygen by nasal cannula as prescribed


•In sickle cell anemia, a vaso-occlusive crisis is caused by sickle-shaped red blood cells that become lodged in small capillaries and occlude them, preventing blood flow and causing ischemia.

•The nurse should immediately take action to increase perfusion and oxygenation to the affected extremities. Administering oxygen, IV fluids, and blood products are the top priority.

Incorrect options:

•Pain medications are important to relieve the intense pain associated with a vaso-occlusive crisis; however, this is not as important as perfusion and oxygenation.

•The patient should be positioned with the extremities extended to promote venous return. Bed rest is also important to minimize oxygen demands of the body, but these are not the top priority.

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