A woman experiences a sharp, stabbing pain high in the uterine fundus. Tenderness is felt on uterine palpation and heavy bleeding accompanies premature separation of the placenta. Once blood infiltrates the uterine musculature, the uterus becomes hard. This condition is known as:


•Couvelaire uterus is a life threatening condition in which abruptio placentae causes blood to infiltrate the uterine myometrium and into the peritoneal cavity.

•A hard, boardlike uterus is formed with no apparent or minimal bleeding.

•When placenta abruption occurs, there will be external bleeding if the placenta separates first at the edges and blood escapes freely from the cervix. If the center of the placenta separates first, blood will pool under the placenta and be hidden from view.

•The remaining answer choices are pelvic types that determine whether a vaginal birth or C-section is indicated.

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