A woman is completely dilated and at +2 station. Her contractions are strong and last 50 to 70 seconds. Based on this information, the nurse should know the patient is in which stage of labor?


• This woman has already reached full cervical dilation and already lies at +2 station. The nurse should anticipate caring for this mother in the second stage of labor.
• The presenting part is now below the ischial spines. As the fetal head touches the internal side of the perineum, the perineum begins to bulge and appear tense. The circle enlarges until the fetus is pushed out of the birth canal.
• Incorrect: The first stage of labor is incorrect because the first stage of labor starts from the onset of regularly perceived uterine contractions and ends with full cervical dilation.
• Incorrect: Third stage of labor, or the placental stage, follows after the expulsion of the infant and ends with the delivery of the placenta.
• Incorrect: The fourth stage of labor is incorrect because the fourth stage follows placental expulsion to 1 to 4 hours postpartum.

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