According to the Healthy People 2010 MyPlate dietary guidelines, the nurse knows that the food group that should cover at least half of the plate is which of the following?


•Most people grew up learning about the food pyramid, which had specific recommendations about the number of servings of each food group that should be eaten daily.

•The new MyPlate recommendations include a pictogram of a plate sectioned off to show how much of each food group to include in a healthy, balanced diet. In this way, the new MyPlate reference is easier for visual learners to compare what they eat to what is recommended for a healthy diet.

•Recommendations include half the plate to include fruits and vegetables, 1/4 of the plate to include whole grain food choices, with the remainder of the plate for low-fat protein sources. A small round cup is pictured next to the plate to represent dairy products to allow for necessary calcium intake for a healthy diet.

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