After performing Leopold's maneuvers on a patient in labor, the nurse should prepare the patient for a vaginal delivery after determining if the fetus is in which of the following positions?


•The vertex presentation is the most favorable presentations for normal vaginal birth. The fetus's head is the first part to contact the cervix and the fetus’ long axis is parallel with the long axis of the mother.

•Transverse lie poses a difficult presentation for vaginal birth. This would put both the mother and child in jeopardy. It is advisable to have a cesarean section since the fetus is lying horizontally in the pelvis.

•Oblique lie is a situation in which the long axis of the fetal body crosses that of the maternal body. If the fetal lie is not in line with the mother’s spine, a Cesarean section may be required.

•In face presentation, the fetus has extended their head to make the face the presenting part. The presenting diameter is so wide that vaginal birth may be impossible.

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