During the health education of a patient with Parkinson's disease, one family member verbalizes a statement that needs further education. Which of the following statements should the nurse correct?


• Parkinson's disease involves degeneration of the nerve cells in the basal ganglia that results in a decline of muscular function.

• This can affect the speed of chewing food. Nutrition must be adequately maintained by providing bite-sized pieces of food in small, frequent feedings.

• The nurse should correct the statement that soup must be given often as it is thin in texture and could be aspirated easily by the patient with Parkinson's disease. The patient must have easy-to-chew or semisolid, thickened food. 

• The placement of bath bars is encouraged for people with Parkinson's disease to ensure safety during bathing. 

• To reduce muscular stiffness and rigidity, it is imperative for those with Parkinson's disease to do range-of-motion exercises and posture exercises.

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