In order to rule out laryngeal cancer, the physician performed direct visualization of the patient's larynx. Which of the following should the nurse tell the patient to do so that there will be a reduced sensation of gagging during the procedure?


• The nurse should instruct the patient to breathe in and out through the nose in order to decrease the sensation of gagging during the procedure.

• Laryngoscopy is a procedure done to examine the larynx and the vocal cords with a laryngoscope. This can help diagnose different conditions that involve the throat and larynx. It can also be used to remove sample tissue for a biopsy.

• The nurse must not instruct the patient to roll the tongue to the back of the mouth because this will occlude the airway.

• Holding your breath would be ineffective and unrealistic since the procedure can take longer than the time the patient will be able to hold the breath. Taking deep breaths through the nose can decrease gagging and pain related to procedures.

• It is impossible to swallow with the laryngoscope in place and an attempt to swallow would cause the larynx to move against the instrument and cause gagging.

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