The goal of nursing care management in a client with osteoarthritis is promotion of a healthy, positive adaptation. Education is the key to successful treatment of the disease.  Which of the following are accurate client teachings about the disease and about strategies to minimize its impact?


• A client who is taking regular NSAIDs must be informed of the manifestations of gastrointestinal bleeding, such as abdominal pain, tarry stools, and hematemesis. They must report any of these to their physician.

• It is appropriate to suggest non-pharmacological pain management strategies such as relaxation techniques and guided imagery to decrease the feelings of anxiety or powerlessness that accompany disease progression.

• It is important for clients with osteoarthritis to maintain independence with dressing and hygiene, so educating them on the availability of aids is important.

• The weakest joints are also those with the most discomfort, and as disease progresses, there may be formation of bone spurs. Patients are not instructed to exercise these joints due to pain and to avoid further damage to the bones and tissue.

• All other statements are incorrect.

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