The nurse is caring for a patient with an autistic disorder. Upon assessment, the nurse records that the child has a labile mood. Which of the following symptoms suggest a labile mood?

Desperate crying followed immediately by giggling and laughing


•Children with autistic disorders often have a labile mood, which is a fluctuating, uncontrolled experience and expression of emotion.

Other symptoms seen in autistic individuals may include:

• They may also be overly sensitive to sensory stimuli such as light, sound, or tactile sensations.

• An impairment in communication may be seen in both verbal and nonverbal skills. Language may be totally absent. If a child does speak, grammatical structure may be impaired, such as the use of “you” when “I” is intended.

• Autistic children may have difficulty naming objects or abnormal speech melody.

• Echolalia, or repeating words or phrases spoken by others, may also be present.

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