The nurse is providing colostomy education to a patient prior to discharge. The nurse knows that the patient did not understand the instructions when he states:


• Rubbing the stoma and skin area around it can abrade the skin and may cause further trauma to the ostomy.

• It is best to pat dry the stoma and skin area around the ostomy before placing the barrier and adhesive to ensure that it will adhere to the skin.

• Other choices are the proper techniques in caring for an ostomy and its appliance.

• To change an ostomy, the patient is taught to first empty it by releasing the clamp on the bottom of the pouch over a basin or the toilet. The contents may then be emptied and the clamp re-applied.  Next, the patient should press on the skin around the ostomy to loosen the seal, then remove the pouch, gently clean and dry the skin and inspect the stoma, and attach the new ostomy appliance with adhesive (it may be a glue or a self-stick ostomy). A new pouch is then attached.

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