The nurse is providing discharge instructions to a patient with Addison's disease. Which of the following patient statements is correct?

"I need to wear a Medic-Alert bracelet."
"I will avoid strenuous exercise."
"I will call the physician before all dental procedures."
"I will call the physician if I feel severely weak or fatigued."


• Addison's disease involves insufficient production of cortisol (primarily) as well as aldosterone.

• A Medic-Alert bracelet provides health care professionals with patient information if the patient is unable to communicate. This should be worn in case of an Addisonian crisis.

• Severe weakness and fatigue are symptoms of adrenocortical insufficiency. The physician should be notified.

• Flu-like symptoms should be reported because infections cause additional stress and an increased steroid dosage may be needed.

• Steroid therapy is lifelong.

• Strenuous exercise should be avoided because this will deplete the body of cortisol.

• Dental and other procedures cause additional stress and may require an increase in steroid therapy.

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