The nurse is reviewing the white blood cell differential of a patient. Given the following results, what type of infection is most likely present?
Neutrophils, 50%
Lymphocytes, 45%
Monocytes, 2%
Eosinophils, 2%
Basophils, 1%


• The percentage of lymphocytes is elevated at 45%, which is usually indicative of a viral infection.

• Acute bacterial infections usually show elevated neutrophils, though certain bacterial infections (pertussis and tuberculosis) will show high leukocytes.

• Parasitic infections result in an elevated eosinophil count.

• Fungal infections cause elevated monocytes and neutrophils.

Normal ranges:

•Neutrophils 55–70%
•Lymphocytes 20–40%
•Monocytes 2–8%
•Eosinophils 1–4%
•Basophils 0.5–1%

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