The nurse is talking with a patient diagnosed with schizophrenia. Which of the following nursing approaches can help the schizophrenic patient improve self-concept?


•The nurse should deal with socially inappropriate behavior nonjudgmentally and matter of factly. This means making factual statements with no overtones of scolding in order to redirect the patient to appropriate activities and behavior.

•Deterioration of the self-concept is a major problem in schizophrenia. The phrase “ loss of ego boundaries” describes the patient’s lack of a clear sense of where his or her own body, mind, and influence end and where those aspects of other inanimate objects begin.

•Protecting the patient is a nursing responsibility and includes protecting the patient from retaliation by others who experience the patient's intrusions and socially unacceptable behavior. Redirecting the patient away from situations or others can interrupt the undesirable behavior and keep the patient from intrusive behaviors.

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