The nurse is teaching an orientee RN about fractures. Which of the following statements made by the new graduate nurse indicates that teaching has been effective?

Compartment syndrome can cause irreversible damage after only 4 hours.
Early ambulation is important for patients after surgery for hip fractures.


• Early ambulation is important after any surgery. With hip fractures, hip pinning may be performed. Nurses should initiate weight-bearing ambulation as prescribed by the physician.

• Compartment syndrome occurs when pressure increases inside a body compartment and impedes blood flow, leading to ischemia. Damage is irreversible after 4 to 6 hours.

• The continuous passive motion device should be used in combination with physical therapy.

• Fat emboli are most common in long bone fractures (like the femur).

• Heparin therapy is important in the prevention of thromboembolism, especially after surgical repairs of fractures.

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