The nurse must take a verbal order over the phone in an emergency. Which of the following steps should be taken to ensure the accuracy of the order?


•The nurse should ALWAYS read back a verbal or telephone order to the prescriber to ensure accuracy and patient safety.  This type of order is commonly referred to as a TORB (telephone order read back) due to this protocol.

•Many institutions do not allow verbal or telephone orders except in an emergent situation.

•If there is a mistake made, it is the nurse's word against the prescriber's, so be very careful with verbal and telephone orders.

Incorrect options:

•An order is given over the phone because it needs to be administered before the physician can write or sign the order, so waiting for the physician to sign it is incorrect.

•Asking another nurse to review the order may be helpful, but it is not as important as repeating the order back to the physician.  Asking another nurse to write down the order is not necessary.

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