The nurse should perform which of the following nursing actions when a patient with preeclampsia has a seizure during the postpartum period?


• The best choice is to stay with the patient, raise the handrails, and ensure the safety of the patient from fall and injury.

• Administration of oxygen by face mask will help maintain adequate oxygenation and prevent bradycardia. To prevent aspiration, turn the woman on her side to allow secretions to drain from her mouth.

• Administering an anticonvulsant is an appropriate nursing action in this situation. This patient would already have an IV lock in place due to the higher risk of seizures.

• The priority care for the woman with a seizure is to maintain a patent airway. Inserting a tongue blade into the patient’s mouth may predispose the patient to aspiration.

• Restraining may injure the patient and requires a physician's order.

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