Which medication administration situations should be documented in a healthcare facility's incident reporting system?


•Near misses, medication errors, and adverse drug reactions must all be documented in the facility's incident reporting system.

•Every hospital has an incident reporting system either online or on paper forms. These incident reports are not meant to place blame but are used to identify process issues that can lead to errors.  Adverse drug reaction information is collected by hospital pharmacies to watch for trends in reactions to medications.

•There are many steps in the process of medication administration where errors can occur. The nurse is responsible to protect the safety of patients by identifying and reporting near-misses or errors.

•It is important for pharmacists to have that information to be able to track if there is a sudden increase in reactions after changing drug manufacturers. This could indicate contamination in the medication or that the formula used by the new manufacturer causes a higher rate of reactions. This is important for the safety of additional patients who could receive this medication.

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