Which of the following best illustrates the evaluation step in the nursing process?


•The evaluation phase of the nursing process involves measuring the effectiveness of the interventions implemented in the plan of care including reassessing pain after medication. 

•The proper sequence of events in the nursing process is performing an assessment, assigning a nursing diagnosis, planning, implementing, and evaluating. The nurse's assessment gives the nurse the information needed to identify problems affecting the patient or problems the patient is at risk for developing. The nurse can then develop a nursing diagnosis and plan appropriate interventions to prevent or resolve the problem. The nurse should involve other members of the interdisciplinary team as necessary to implement the plan of care.

•After implementation, the nurse must reassess the problem to identify whether the interventions were effective.

Incorrect options:

•Assessment of lung sounds on a new admission or assessment of the abdomen when there is a new complaint of abdominal pain are in the assessment phase of the nursing process.

•Asking if the patient needs anything else before leaving the room is a good way to ensure that you have met the patient's needs while there, but is not an effective measure of interventions.

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