Which of the following does not meet the criteria for involuntary admission to a hospital?

A parent who leaves his child at home alone
A person who is clinically depressed
A person who is very lonely


• A person must demonstrate the intent to harm him or herself or others to meet involuntary admission criteria. Laws vary by state, but, in general, the threat to self or others must be deemed to be immediate and substantial.

• Neglect of a child does not meet the criteria for involuntary admission because it does not necessarily demonstrate intent to harm or kill. Instead, this is something that the nurse would have to report to Child Welfare Services because the nurse is a mandated reporter of abuse and neglect) and the case would be investigated to protect the child's safety.

• Clinical depression does not meet the criteria for involuntary admission, though if the symptoms become so serious that there was a threat to self from lack self-care (such as the patient not eating or, in extreme circumstances, not caring for hygiene or their living environment), an involuntary commitment for evaluation may be allowed.

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