Which of the following is the priority nursing action to minimize the risk of infection for a child with skeletal traction?


• To minimize the risk of infection at the pin sites, perform pin site care according to the institution’s policy. Adhere to standard precautions and use aseptic technique. Pin site care helps keep the area clean.

Incorrect options:

• Vital sign changes, such as increased temperature and heart rate and decreased blood pressure, can indicate infection. Inspecting the pin sites for signs of redness, swelling, irritation, or drainage are important assessments, but they do not actively minimize infections as well as providing pin site care does.

• Providing a well-balanced diet with adequate protein and calories for tissue repair is important for healing but does not minimize infections.

• Anticipating antibiotic administration based on culture reports does not minimize infections. Administering antibiotic therapy specific to the organism involved is necessary to treat the infection, however.

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