Which of the following should the nurse delegate to the licensed practical nurse (LPN)?


• According the the NCLEX-PN Test Plan, Licensed Practical Nurses perform the following:

• Oral, IM, and SQ medication can be administered by an LPN.

• Urinary catheterization can be done by an LPN.

• LPNs can administer drugs by the PO, IM, and SQ or intradermal route.

• LPNs can also give oxygen or other medications by inhalation, ear, eye, nose, or skin.

• LPNs can also administer drugs by gastrointestinal or nasogastric tube.

• LPNs may participate in the narcotics/controlled substances count.

• LPNs can monitor intravenous (IV) flow rate and may administer IV piggyback (secondary) medications.

• Initiating a primary IV medication must only be done by an RN.

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