The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) – an important exam for people who want to pursue nursing careers. To become a legally licensed nurse, passing the NCLEX is a must, and this certificate will also bring about numerous benefits for the owners due to the legal consent it provides. Since this test is crucial for any nurse, it is required to be well-prepared before taking this examination. Thus, this article will inform you with a helpful NCLEX study guide. With this guide, you might find your best approach to get through the test. 

1. Why do you need the NCLEX study guide?


There are two biggest reasons that make nursing NCLEX study guide become necessary for you. 

The first reason is because of this examination’s difficulty. If you do some research on this test, you will find out that the NCLEX is very unique and distinctive compared to any other test you have tried before. While most typical examinations are knowledge-based, this test is based on real applications with very practical questions and situations. This fact points out that you have to prepare for this test with a completely different approach. Just by learning by heart and memorizing textbook’s information will not meet the requirements of the NCLEX. To be able to pass it, you will have to brainstorm very quickly and logically when solving specific and practical questions. Because of its uniqueness and difficulty, exam takers must prepare themselves carefully and creatively.


nclex study guide


The second reason for you to seriously use the NCLEX study guide is the benefit this licensure brings about for you. The higher score you get on the test, the better chance you have for your future nursing career. Having careful preparation will significantly enhance your success not just in the test, but also in every further step of your working path. 

By the two reasons listed above, the NCLEX study guide is highly demanded. This article is expected to bring to you the best NCLEX study guide so you can create your own plan of passing the test. 


2. When can you start learning the NCLEX study guide?


Since the preparation for this examination is challenging, many people may wonder how long they have to study for it, and how many months or weeks before the test they can start their training process. For each person, recommended time will be different from others, depending on their capabilities, and the difficulty level of the test,… In general, preparation time varies from at least for weeks to twelve weeks, or even more. 

It is also recommended that you should consider practicing for the NCLEX as soon as possible after finishing school so that the test will not be taken too long after graduation. 

Furthermore, before determining the schedule for archiving your goal with the NCLEX, you should understand the difference between the NCLEX-PN (test for practical nurses) and NCLEX-RN (test for registered nurses).

These two exams are both under NCLEX, but the NCLEX-RN is the more difficult one, because registered nurses have to meet more complicated requirements. While both of them share several similar contents, there will still be numerous differences among them. As a result, the PN NCLEX study guide will be slightly different since the two types of examination have different scoring mechanisms. 


3. What is the best NLCEX study guide?


Before going deeply into the NCLEX study guide, you should understand the structure and idea of the NCLEX. After that, you will have to make your own plan of obtaining this certificate. This article will inform you of several helpful tips so that you can choose to fit your learning style. 


best nclex study guide


Make your own study plan and be responsible for it. You should list down very specifically the amount of information you have to recall and practice on, and the duration of each step in your whole plan. Having a timetable is very necessary, especially for big exams like NCLEX. You will have to commit yourselves to finish the schedule you have made. 


Use NCLEX practice tests and NCLEX practice questions, and attend a prep course. During self-learning time, you should focus on solving practice questions and tests so that you will get used to the format, and context of the official test when you do it. Attending a prep course is also a good idea to help you revise all the knowledge you need to memorize.


Get used to the unfamiliarities from questions in the test. Since the NCLEX is highly based on practical situations, each case will be different from others. Moreover, all the textbook’s knowledge you have memorized may not be easily applied since the scenario is made from real experience. Just focus on the keyword and main information on the question to figure out the answer. 


Maintain a suitable pace. During the examination time, you will have to deal with many questions with different levels of complication, having a good pace is very important. You don’t have to read too fast to finish the question as quickly as possible, a comfortable speed of reading will still give you an adequate amount of time to go through the test. 


Don’t focus on one perfect answer. The test you will take is limited in timing so you have to balance your time to spend on all of the questions but not put priority on some questions that you feel like you may give a perfect answer for. If you get drawn into a question for too long, you will get less time on the others. Try not to analyze every single question, and target on going through all the questions in the test. 


Think practically, not theoretically. There are many cases when facts and knowledge you’ve learned are not applicable to solve the problem. For that reason, you should think carefully so as not to get the incorrect answer.


Believe in your instinct. When you doubt something, follow your intuition with all of the knowledge you have learned to make a decision. In many cases, your instinct will lead you to the right answer.


Get rest and relax yourselves. The test surely is challenging and intimidating, so it is very important for you to have a good rest before the test. Prepare a calm and conscious mind by having healthy food, avoiding alcohol or caffeine, and double-checking every item you prepared for the examination day. When you are taking the test, stay calm and don’t be overwhelmed by it, take a deep breath when you deal with a strange question.


Be very well prepared on the test day. On the day of the examination, remember to prepare everything carefully, your outfit, your equipment, and arrive much earlier than the tesst time so as not to feel rushed. Bring along water and some snack food in case you need to boost your energy or keep yourselves hydrated. 


4. FAQ about NCLEX exam


4.1. Is the NCLEX hard?

More than 73% of candidate pass the NCLEX test. The answer to the question Is the NCLEX hard is answered in this article.


4.2. When will I receive my NCLEX result?

Official test results are only accessible from nursing regulating bodies (NRBs) and will be mailed to applicants six weeks after they take the exam.


4.3. Can I take the NCLEX exam in any other language?

No, the NCLEX test is exclusively administered in English. The NCLEX is always conducted in English, regardless of the test center location or the Nursing Board.


4.4. Is NCLEX test content different among states?

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a national exam developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and administered by Pearson VUE. The degree of difficulty of the test does not differ from one state to another or from one testing venue to the next.


4.5. How to make a NCLEX Retake Exam?

If you do not pass the test, you have 45 days to retake it. If you’re wondering how frequently you may take the NCLEX, the NCSBN retake policy allows for eight retakes per year, with 45 exam-free days in between. Read How to make a NCLEX Retake Exam to know what to do.



By following the NCLEX study guide above, combined with your personal style of mastering academic knowledge, it is much easier for you to conquer this challenge. Last but not least, always remember to keep positive energy that you have confidence and you believe in yourselves. Your nursing career is waiting for you to explore.