A 3-year-old girl is diagnosed with thalassemia major. The long term complications seen in a child with thalassemia major are related to which of the following?


•Thalassemia major may lead to lethal iron overload. Thalassemia causes an abnormal production of a protein responsible for iron absorption. In addition, patients require frequent blood transfusions with iron rich RBCs. Iron overload is the biggest threat to patients with thalassemia.

•Thalassemia major is a genetic disorder that causes a decrease in hemoglobin formation.

•Thalassemia major in children can cause sypmtoms of anemia, such as pallor, fatigue, weakness, irritability, and dyspnea.

•The child may require frequent blood transfusions and chelation treatment to prevent iron overload.

•Bleeding and cerebral edema are not associated with thalassemia.

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