A 4-year-old African American is brought to the clinic for frequent nosebleeds and has pale mucous membranes. He is diagnosed to have iron deficiency anemia. He is scheduled to start iron therapy. The mother asks the nurse what is the cause of her son's illness. Which of the following is the correct response of the nurse?

Chronic blood loss


•Chronic blood loss is associated with iron deficiency anemia. In this scenario, chronic nose bleeds is the most likely cause.

•Children are at a high risk for iron deficiency anemia because they need more daily iron in proportion to their body weight than do adults.

•Inadequate intake and GI disease are also common causes of iron deficiency anemia, however, this patient has chronic blood loss.

•Low birth weight is a cause of anemia for infants, but this generally only affects infants for the first three to six months of life.

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